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Mark Schacter provides consulting services and professional development workshops on:


  • strategic thinking

  • strategy development & planning

  • risk assessment

  • performance measurement

  • results-based management

  • governance

  • accountability


About Mark Schacter


For more than 20 years Mark Schacter has advised governments, NGOs and international organizations on strategy development, strategic planning, performance measurement and other core public management issues.


Mark is also an accomplished trainer, with a long track record of designing and delivering training workshops for executives and staff.


Mark's involvement in public management issues began when he was on the staff of the World Bank; he worked with developing countries to strengthen governance and accountability in public institutions. 


Later, he occupied senior positions at the Institute On Governance and the Conference Board of Canada before launching his own firm, Mark Schacter Consulting, in 2003. 


Mark lives in Ottawa, Canada.



Mark Schacter has published on a wide range of public management topics. His writing - like his consulting - aims to help people understand and address the management challenges facing them.


All his publications are available on this website.

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