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Workshops - Using Information for Decision-Making

Public sector managers constantly make decisions – about staff, budgets, programs. On what basis should these decisions be made? What matters, and what does not?


Mark Schacter offers half-day workshops that provide an overview of techniques, concepts and challenges related to gathering, analyzing and using information for decision-making. The workshops focus on three key sources of program-related information:

- performance measurement;

- program evaluation;

- risk assessment


Here is what participants said about recent offerings of "Using Information for Decision-Making":


-  This course has opened my eyes to what should be measured and how.


 - Mark makes these subjects very interesting. I have a good understanding now and hope to apply the ideas at work in the near future.


- I came to the course with no background in evaluation and now feel I know enough to critically assess evaluation.

- The courses remove much of the mystery surrounding performance measurement, program evaluation

and risk assessment.


- The course took my knowledge of and comfort with performance measurement to the next level. 


- I appreciated the simplicity of Mark's approach to conveying information.


- One of the most valuable aspects of the course was Mark's knowledge and ability to answer our practical questions. He was engaging and not overly theoretical.


-  I appreciated the dynamic interaction with the instructor. Mark is a very good communicator.

- Excellent course. Well-taught, informative and engaging.


Contact Mark Schacter directly for further information.

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