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One-day Workshop: Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a cornerstone of continuous improvement in the public service.  High-quality evaluations support decision-making by providing in-depth analysis of the social and economic impact of programs, the reasons behind past successes and failures, and concise, actionable recommendations on how to incorporate lessons from the past into current and future initiatives.


Through presentations, interactive sessions and small-group work, this seminar describes, analyzes and gives you opportunities to work with basic concepts of program evaluation.  Emphasis is placed on the practical as opposed to the theoretical.


Questions discussed include:


- how does evaluation differ from performance measurement?

- what are the basic steps in conducting an evaluation?

- what are the basic evaluation questions?

- what is an “impact evaluation” and what does it mean to “determine the counterfactual”?

- what are some basic evaluation designs?

- what is “participatory evaluation” and why does it matter?


Click here for information on registering for the November 20, 2019 workshop on Program Evaluation.

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