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One-day Workshop: Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a response to the reality that programs do not always run according to plan. No matter how thorough your plans, the achievement of intended outcomes is never a sure thing. In other words, every program carries risks. Managers therefore benefit from a clear assessment of likelihood that a program may not unfold as expected, and of how serious the consequences may be if things don't go according to plan. This is precisely what a good risk assessment provides.


As with the other worshops in this series, the session on risk assessment is delivered through presentations, interactive sessions and small-group work. Participants have opportunities to discuss and work with fundamental concepts that underpin risk management in the public sector.  Emphasis is placed the practical as opposed to the theoretical.


Questions discussed include:


- what is “risk” in the context of the public sector?

- how should risk be assessed?

- what is the relationship between “risk assessment” "risk tolerance" and “risk management”?

- what is the significance of "residual risk"?

- what major challenges will you face when developing risk assessments?


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